Best Spring and Summer House Dresses Under $50

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The house dresses trend has officially taken over.

Many love them because they are machine washable, comfortable enough to nap in but also chic enough to wear out and about.

When sharing our favorite caftans for plus sizes and petite sizes, there were almost too many good ones to show.

This post features some of the best housedresses under $50.

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Housedresses Over Sweatpants

The drive towards the house dress and caftan trend was being able to not feel underdressed.

Not underdressed at home, but when running to the grocery store, coffee shop, or answering the door when your Amazon package is delivered.

These are the best housedresses to wear inside of your house, and out and about when the weather changes.

Cutest Cottagecore House Dress

This dress completely brought out the cottage core in me, and even gave me some Bridgerton from Netflix vibes.

While I wasn’t a fan of this color on my skin, I did find other colors and patterns. If I find it in the rose color of this sweatshirt dress, I’ll definitely add it to my wardrobe.

Grab this house dress here (click the photo):

Best House Dresses For Breastfeeding

One of the biggest questions I recieved on Instagram when I share my caftans is “can I breastfeed in that?”

This time, when rounding up these house dresses for spring and summer, I made sure to search out muumuus that work for breastfeeding. These are:

  • have a wrap dress style
  • have a stretchy top that’s easy to pull down, or
  • have straps that you can untie to make it easier to breastfeed

This dress has a 90s style shirred top to it, which makes it great for pulling down for breastfeeding.

It also has adjustable straps, so this dress would be a good one for short and tall girls. Plus, it looks so cute with a jean jacket!

This is a wrap dress that was extremely comfortable and flowy.

It had a good amount of give on top once I wrapped it (it’s a legit wrap dress, so make sure that side bow is tight).

This is also a great house dress if you have a larger chest, since the waist is a bit higher, which accentuates your shape beautifully.

This dress reminded me immediately of vacationing in Mexico! The flare at the bottom makes it great for entertaining at home, or a summer date night.

For reference, I’m 5’3″, so I was so pleased to see that this house dress wasn’t too long for me to wear.

The v-neck top is ideal for breastfeeding, so you will be able to do it with ease in this dress.

Grab these dresses by clicking the photos below:

Mint House Dresses For Spring!

Some of the best house dresses for this spring and summer are featuring mint and lilac.

Both colors are fresh and fun, so I had to share the two mint house dresses I loved from our Instagram try-on session.

This midi house dress has such a fun pattern. I like the longer sleeves, which makes it a great option for those air-conditioned buildings we encounter in the spring and summer.

There are 43 different colorways for this dress (yes you read that right), and quite a few mint and lilac options.

This dress was another pleasant surprise. The button detail on the front makes it look like it’s a high price point house dress, when it’s very affordable.

This is another dress with a higher waist, so if you are looking for something to flow away from your stomach, this is it.

Who says they’re aren’t sexy house dresses? This spring housedress is my husband’s favorite, for obvious reasons.

The slits on the sides of this dress make it a fun surprise piece. The button down detail makes it looks prim and polished up top.

I wasn’t sold on this dress at first, then I stuck that left leg out. Grab this dress for your spouse. Ahem.

Purchase these dresses by clicking their photos below:

The Best Flowy Housedress You’ll Ever Have

I saved the best for last, because when we think housedress we want something that covers up any jiggly bits we have, while also flowing as we walk through our houses/gardens/farmers markets.

This is the dress. This is the one dress I will recommend for ALL body types that want more house dresses in their wardrobe.

The cut of this house dress was meant to be as universal as possible, and they definitely achieved it.

I opted to not wear it with a bra in these photos, but the straps are thick enough for you to wear with a bra or bralette if you want more support.

I went with the coral colorway, but you can choose the colors that fit your spring and summer tan the best.

Grab this loose bohemian house dress by clicking the photo below:

Put A Jean Jacket On It

As you can see in 2 of the photos above, adding a simple jean jacket to these dresses gives them the structure we look for when wanting to actually wear the housedress outside.

A jean jacket will be your staple piece this spring and summer. The one I’m wearing in these photos is a 7-year-old Levi Strauss jean jacket, and it has done me well over these past years.

Since I have a short stature, I always grab a jean jacket with a shorter torso to make me look taller.

This Levi’s jean jacket is great for shorter ladies, or those with a shorter torso: Original Trucker Jacket

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see me try-on these items in real-time in my Instagram Stories!

Which one of these house dresses are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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