Best Jumpsuits for Petites

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There’s something about jumpsuits for petite women. Either they fit like a dream, or we swim in them. But, there’s a trick to finding the best ones! Here are the best jumpsuits for Petites, and some tips to help you always pick the right ones for you.

When we did a round-up of the best spring and summer house dresses, I made a point of only featuring ones that are great for short women.

For this jumpsuit try-on, I focused on the same group. As someone who is 5’3″, I find it important to find silhouettes that work for petite women.

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Jumpsuits Are Public Pajamas

If you’ve seen some of our past fashion content, including our cheap caftans post, you can see that we love wearing pieces that feel like pajamas.

Jumpsuits are one of the original “fancy pajamas in public” wardrobe pieces. It’s a great date night option as well, since it’s a full outfit in one. Just add a fun shoe and you’re ready to go.

V-Neck Jumpsuits for Petite Frames

The number one jumpsuit style for short frames is v-neck jumpsuits. The v-neck elongates our bodies and immediately makes us look taller.

If you aren’t into v-necks, a deeper scoop neck can also provide the elongation trick.

Grab this jumpsuit from Old Navy by clicking this link: V-Neck Cotton Jumpsuit for Petites

Apron Front Jumpsuits for Larger Busts

While an apron front jumpsuit also works for smaller busts, these jumpsuit styles are great for petit women with larger busts.

You’ll feel a security with a higher neckline apron front. I’m a b-cup, so you can see that I have a bit of room on either side towards the top of the jumpsuit. If you are a c-cup or larger, give this apron jumpsuit a try.

For an even better jumpsuit for a petite frame with larger busts, look for one that cinches at the waist. This will help to balance out your bust with your hips (even if you smaller hips).

Grab this apron-front jumpsuit using this link (comes in 3 different patterns): Square-Neck Jumpsuit for Larger Bust

Button Front Jumpsuits Are The Best Hack

A button front jumpsuit is the style I recommend for most petite body types. The buttons provide so many options:

  • button it up to turn it into an apron front for larger busts
  • unbutton to elongate the body
  • wear a tank underneath to give a pop of color
  • wear a cap sleeve tee underneath to follow the current jumpsuit trend

With a button-front jumpsuit, you will want to find one that has a lighter material. Having a heavy material up top with buttons may make your shorter frame feel weighed down.

Grab this button front jumpsuit here: Button Front Jumpsuit for Petites

Create A Waist With The Right Jumpsuit

When jumpsuits are called frumpy, it’s mostly in reference to the ones that don’t define a waist. If you are petite with a straight frame, always grab a jumpsuit with an adjustable waist.

If the waist isn’t adjustable, at least pick a jumpsuit with some kind of waist. Parachute-style jumpsuits (jumpsuits without a defined waist) are beautiful. But, if your goal is to look taller in your clothing, you’ll want jumpsuits with waists.

Click the photo below to grab this jumpsuit! It comes in a variety of colors:

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see me try-on these items in real-time in my Instagram Stories!

We hope this post sharing the best jumpsuits for Petites, and tips on how to find jumpsuits for your body type was helpful to you. Which jumpsuit is your favorite?

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  1. 4.12.21
    JulieD said:

    I got the Old Navy one that’s v-neck/crisscross…LOVE it!! Thank you for this post!!

  2. 1.12.22
    Laurie said:

    Oddly enough, I just found your blog while looking for the best places to sit in Galaxy’s Edge only to discover that you showcase petite fashion, too. This 5’ tall Disney lover just found her favorite new blog! haha! Can’t wait to read more of your posts when I get off work. 🙂 PS I never thought jumpsuits would work for me and now I might give them a try. Thanks!