Best CVS Snacks

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Here are the best CVS Snacks that you can grab and go on the run. CVS is the best road trip snack station with everything you need!

Favorite Snacks from CVS

Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS Pharmacy and Gold Emblem abound snack lines. I am being sponsored by CVS Pharmacy for my posts and to promote their exclusive Gold Emblem activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers. #CVSSpringSnacking

Thank goodness spring is here. For our family, spring and summer mean it’s time for road trips. We take them to see my in-laws in Ohio, or to visit amusement parks around the east coast. We’ve even taken a few road trips to conferences as a family. Road trip season is our jam.

I personally think the kids love road trip season for two reasons: the movie-watching in the car and the snacks. We are a snack-loving family. I love to make snacks, and buy them. Each day at 4pm, we sit and have a snack together. It’s our ritual. So, snacks during road trips are very important to us, and they must taste good. When I say good, I mean it. Not crappy snacks allowed in the car.

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Lately, we’ve been loving the new Gold Emblem Abound line of snacks. The ingredients are healthy (which mom loves), they are satisfying (which Dad loves), and they taste delicious (which the kids love). Since we’ve made a point of trying as much as possible from the line, I wanted to share with you a list of our favorite snacks from CVS.

Best CVS Snacks

Favorite Snacks From CVS 1

First up, the Jalapeño Cheddar Quinoa Puffs. My husband loves these because they are hot. He’ll eat anything that’s spicy. Anything. I love them because they are made from quinoa, which makes them gluten free. I’m not opposed to gluten, but I do love quinoa. It’s currently my culinary boyfriend. These are now a must-have snack for road trips, according to my husband.

Favorite Snacks From CVS 2

These Blueberry & Pomegranate Superfruit Snack Bars are the bomb. They have become a family favorite. They taste like they should be called candy, but the ingredients tell you otherwise. Healthy, sweet, and 100% fruit. I like to hide these in my purse for the days when I’m out and about, and I need an energy boosting snack.

Favorite Snacks From CVS 4

Are you a salt and vinegar fan? Those tasty chips have been a snack in past road trips, but we found a better alternative with the Salt & Vinegar Baked Rice Crisps. Another gluten free snack, these are a great way to fix that salt and vinegar craving without having your body regret it later.

cvs veggie chips

Veggie chips have always been hit or miss for me. We’ve tried many versions of this snack and I’ve yet to find a version I can actually enjoy eating. Until now. I don’t know if CVS placed the tears of unicorns within the chips or what, but these are amazing. This is coming from a picky snacker, so you know it’s real.

apple and blueberry clusters

Finally, the Fuji Apple and Blueberry Clusters. This particular snack may not make it into road trip season, because Baby Frugal and I keep snacking on them right at home. We’ve been known to cuddle on the couch while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and chow down on these suckers. I love how natural they taste, and that they are not too crunchy, which makes them perfect for the baby to enjoy. We also love the Fuji Apple and Raspberry version. So dang good.

Favorite Snacks From CVS 6

Have you tried any of the new Gold Emblem Abound snack line from CVS? Which one of the snacks listed above do you think would be YOUR favorite?

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